Rhys [And the Realities of Blogging]


Sometimes you want to talk, a lot, and sometimes you’re just content to look for free ebooks on Amazon and don’t really feel like finding new projects.

I’ve also been low-level ill for close to six weeks now, with a lingering cough that doesn’t seem to want to make up its mind if it’s allergies or not. It makes it hard to do much of anything-dance, exercise, clean, want to make stuff for blog entries. Maybe by the time summer comes on in full force-it was 40 F this morning-I’ll be back up to speed.

Sometimes when I get like this I just fall back on projects I already know and love; in this case, it was a request. I’m knitting the same pattern I used for Doyle for a wedding present [did I mention I’m also maid of honor in a wedding and am planning a bachlorette party? Life’s gotten a little weird for me]. She requested the pattern and the colors.

This is the lightest weight yarn I’ve ever worked this pattern with and it’s making me grumpy. It’s just not moving all that fast. I think I might end up getting my wheel out just to have something to work on that moves.


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