Rhys [And CousCous Salad]

rhys1My father has put in a request for Ted’s hot dog sauce for Christmas. That’s sort of irrelevant to anything but I find it amusing. I feel like it’s going to amount to an even swap, the hot dog sauce from Buffalo and whatever food they send me home with at the holidays.

This shawl…you’re probably going to be seeing a lot of it. Size 2 needles feel like I’m knitting with toothpicks when I normally work this pattern on 8s or higher.


Occasionally I start doing what I call ‘shopping my kitchen’, much to my mother’s annoyance. It might be best described as actually eating the food in the stash you build up in as a food prepper and urban canner.

It’s great to have the food on hand for when you need it-but I’m a realist prepper in that I’m not going to waste money I don’t need to on food I already have in the house just because ‘what is going to happen if Z day/E day/[insert favorite conspiracy theory here] comes and I have no food?’ So I start building meals around what’s in the freezer and the food boxes.

I make this salad sort of semi-frequently, using what I have. It’s so insanely adjustable-use a grain instead of couscous, throw in whatever protein you have in the house, do whatever.

Note:if you’ve followed this blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m pretty live and let live with convenience foods. I try to scratch cook what I can but I’m not going to sing the evils of bottled salad dressing. Use whatever makes you happiest at the time.

CousCous Salad

1 box couscous, prepared

Vegetables-fresh, canned, frozen, pickled, whatever you have. My last batch had chopped up quick pickles, frozen corn, and frozen peppers and onions

Garlic-fresh or pickled, finely chopped

Feta cheese

Cesar or Greek salad dressing, about half a bottle

Fold the vegetables into the couscous. I like to add the couscous right out of the pan if I’m using frozen produce, the heat helps defrost the vegetables and the produce brings down the temperature of the couscous faster.

Let sit until room temperature. Add the cheese and the salad dressing.



  1. oh, we love cous cous in this house, particularly the pearled Israeli type. I sometimes use it as a stuffed pepper filling, which involves much of the same ingredients as your salad, but olive oil instead of the salad dressing and some manner of meat instead of the veggies. I wonder how the salad dressing would do in the oven, if it was swapped in? hmm.

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