Garlicky Beans


I buy my produce for canning wherever and in whatever packaging is cheapest. It ranges from the free for all pick all you want apples I sometimes get in the fall, to Aldis, to Tops, to the farmer’s markets. A lot of time it comes from Aldis, which is kind of nice because it comes in cheap, pre-portioned blocks. Yeah, I admit, not as green as loose but sometimes my budget really does take priority.

One of the side effects of that though is having sort of awkward amounts of produce left over because I couldn’t buy the 2 pounds of whatever that I know will fit x number of jars for whatever pickles I’m making. I bought two packages of green beans for dilly beans, and then realized that I needed to get them canned before they turned (I’m really, really terrible with time).

After pickling I had about a quart sized bag full of prepped beans-too many to just do away with and not enough to warrant running another batch of pickles.


This recipe is not my idea. I’ve seen similar in a lot of different places, and honestly by now I just eyeball it.

A couple of tips-cook the beans until they start to blister, either dry frying or with a little bit of olive oil. Add the sauce at the very, very end, and you might want to pull the pan from the heat outright to add it. I’ve had a lot of scorched batches where the heat was too high and the sauce went up in smoke.

Garlicky Beans

(Eyeball the amounts. Start with around half a tablespoon of everything, with a lighter hand on the garlic)

Soy sauce

Dried (or minced fresh or pickled) garlic

Sesame oil


Fish sauce (or oyster, or hoisin-to your taste, what you can find, or what you have in the house)

Green beans

Over high heat, fry-either skillet or wok-beans until they start to blister (see notes)

Mix sauce in a small bowl, remove beans from heat, and add all of sauce. Working fast, mix sauce into beans. You can return to heat for a very short time to let the sauce cook down but it does scorch, very quickly.



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