Wrapping Without Hair (DIY Style)

wpid-img_20150525_161325.jpgI know that it’s bad form to show your hair for a post on hair wrapping, but I want everyone to understand what kind of situation I’m talking about in this entry.

When I say that I have no hair, I mean…I have no hair. This isn’t short, this is Furiosa. Who I want to cosplay now, by the way. I’ll be the fattest woman in dystopia, but whatever. Or maybe not Furiosa. Just her rather chubby sidekick. You get the idea.

[In theory,goggles worn like that are goggles on head, thereby fulfilling the ‘something on my head at all times’ requirement.]

I know this beauty came from Tumblr. Give me a source and I'll credit.

I know this beauty came from Tumblr. Give me a source and I’ll credit.

Point being, I was left with a not so minor problem after shaving my head.

You can certainly manage to get stuff to stay on your head. But not without some wrangling and a fair amount of swearing. I am not a delicate flower, there was swearing.

So I did what I do best-I went to the Internet. I can’t claim credit for this, the idea came from the wonderful people of the Wrapunzel Facebook page.

The most direct route would be to buy a volumizer. But I don’t really…well…like a lot of volume and it didn’t solve the problem in the short term-I still have to cover until it comes in.

The next best thing is to make something-and with at least 2 dress socks and a hair tie, you have a fairly functional volumizer if all you want is a small amount of volume to mimic the look of hair and something to anchor to.

sockYou will have to pardon my sock. I once used it to dye wool, hence the fuzzies and the weird pink color.

Fold your first sock into a compact and fairly neat ball. It’ll lay better under your wrap if you can keep it as lump free as you can. Put into the second sock and fold the second sock neatly around the ball. Repeat with as many socks as you would like-more socks = more volume. Secure with a hair tie.

To use-I tied my under scarf into a half hitch knot, and then keeping that metal secure facing up towards the scarf and not against scalp, tucked it under the scarf. I wrapped the first scarf into a bun style wrap, and then wrapped like normal over that.

baldwrapNot only did it hold, it held more securely and longer than when I had hair-and it gave me more volume than I ever had with my hair.


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