Big Red Eye

I don’t really think about Bigfoot or Sasquatch much. The myth doesn’t really excite me. Unless there’s a new movie coming out or someone brings it up in conversation, it’s not one of the motifs that sees a lot of usage around here.

I am however interested in American folklore and mythologies, and it turns out that the idea of Big Foot is fairly common throughout the states. I have touched briefly on other variations of this story before (Sheepsquatch). Big Red Eye brings us to New Jersey.

It’s actually a fairly new story, coming out of the mid to late 1970s. Small animals like pet rabbits began dying in Wantage; the local paper suggested that it was a Bigfoot like creature. The police, however, say it was a bear.

The conflicting origin stories haven’t prevented eyewitness reports of the creature that was eventually named Big Red Eye. While the stories started in the 1970s, the cryptid has become something of an Internet legend leading to many people wandering through the woods of Northern New Jersey hoping for a sighting or encounter.

The legend has led to questions such as ‘How would the Jersey Devil hold up against Big Red Eye?’ The Jersey Devil is the monster who might be more familiar in the American psyche; as New Jersey’s other major monster, that myth has a much longer established footprint.

As Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or N.J’s Big Red Eye…

Big Red Eye vs. The Jersey Devil

Big Red Eye


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