Quick Idea: Marking Your Storage Lids


I’ve been marking my ‘storage and eating’ jars with hair ties for about a year now based on a tip from Food in Jars (eating out of jars tends to weaken the glass over time, the hair tie can stay on the jar and get wet; it also shows that this is the designated drinking/oatmeal/whatever jar).

I’ve been having problems with the lids to those jars. The used ones (I don’t always use a can opener on the lids-so no dents, and the sharpie washes off sometimes) would get mixed in with my new ones-or rather, the other way around. I would end up grabbing a new lid out of the box just to have something to use and then it would be swallowed up by the used lids bag. I admit a lot of this was due to rushing around in the morning trying to get both of us out of the door at the same time or trying to get left overs put away before bed.

People dislike using traditional stickers on jars because of the way that they never come off, which was my sudden bolt of not so new inspiration. I started marking my storage lids with ‘normal’ stickers. Right now they’re stars; when I’m out of stars it’ll be loose leaf reinforcement circles. I don’t necessarily care if they stay looking pretty, as long as they stay marked this way.


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