Time, Stress, and Canning Jar Storage

I am obviously back in the swing of blogging, but my quality has slipped.

I know that, I’m okay with that. It’ll come back with time.

Not-canning and not-horror and not-knitting life right now has just gotten a little out of hand. Blogging, even a few fractured sentences, is helping to ground me. I’ve finally managed to get the hang of not caring about my stats while maintaining at least a low level social media presence. And I’m writing about the (very) quick projects I’m managing to get in.

The good, the bad, the I have lost my mind completely. Mid’s grandmother passed this weekend so we’re dealing with wake/funeral cycle. Becoming death-positive has actually made this passing smoother for me. M gave me the life advice that I still live by. She told me that she was 90, and had seen everything from the Depression to the moon landing to the rise of the smart phone and the one thing that was clear was that it was a cycle, you just had to ride it out. There’s terrible things but there are wonderful things, and you can’t have one without the other-but both will end so just remember not to let the terrible stuff swallow you whole.

I am matron of honor for the woman I consider my sister. If you told me 10 years ago I would be in that position I would have laughed. Here is my overweight, bald, foul mouthed self trying to figure out how to be a matron of honor. I hope I’m not the person that trips.

And oh yeah. Weddings. After 8 years, Mid and I finally have a date to make this show official. Everyone is laughing at me because it’s 3 years out but we’re handling it as a deadline more than a ‘desired date’. If nothing else, I’m getting a really good idea of what I -don’t- want. I have also threatened, with all seriousness, that I will wear my vintage oxblood Doc Martins, rainbow knee socks, and walk to funeral music if I have to ensure that this stays low key.

storing empty canning jarsThere is a list of topics that are always coming up on the canning groups I’m active in on Facebook.

Dilly beans, my recipe for firestarter, how to make jam with less sugar, and how to store jars are big ones.

There is no single good way to store jars but this is the way that I have found works the best for me.

I mark my old lids with stickers and store them in a plastic ziplock bag. When I empty and wash a jar, I put one of the marked storage lids back on the jar complete with the ring. When I need to use the jar, the ring is already in place and the ring is with it already. If I need to use the jar to store food in the fridge or travel with it to work, I don’t have to go digging for a used lid.

I live in a very small apartment currently overrun with a mobile dj rig and the jars get stored wherever I can find room (that goes for both empty and full jars). The lids mean that I can stick them wherever and don’t have to worry about dust. Most of the time my collection rotates fast enough it doesn’t matter, but during fall and winter when canning slows down it eases up what I have to do in the summer.


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