Canning Stone Fruit, Simply

canning stone fruit simply cover

I don’t normally can fruit whole (or in chunks) for eating out of hand because normally I just buy whatever is in season for that.

But I was at Wegmans the other day and wanted some fruit for lunch. They had 2 pounds of nectarines for $2 a bag, but I was waffling because I knew I wouldn’t eat through a bag before they turned. I was going to buy a single nectarine, but the scale had it ringing up for $1.50.

I came home with the 2 pound bag.

When that happens I normally make jam (firestarter time!) but I decided that I didn’t feel like messing with macerating and jamming. Fruit chunks are nice to have in the house for food prepping purposes-either I don’t have time to get to the store or money’s tight (or I just feel like peaches or nectarines in the middle of winter).

I’m starting to post more of the basics of canning, I feel like sometimes they get ignored for the flashy stuff. Canning fruit this way is honestly one of the simplest canning projects you can do. I can my fruit in half pint or pint jars.

canning stone fruit simple

Canning Stone Fruit

Stone fruit, peeled (if using peaches) and chopped or sliced

Medium to heavy weight syrup

Optional: about a tablespoon of mulling spices

Bring your simple syrup (and spices if using) to a boil. Let boil at least 5 minutes, then add your fruit. Bring back to a boil and boil at least five minutes.

Hot pack into prepped jars and process in a water bath for 20 minutes for pints and half pints.


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