Using Sauce Bases [The Legend of IronFish]



When I get good and stressed, my mantra is ‘I am Iron Man’. Sorry, Marvel, no copyright infringement intended.

My spirit animal this summer is a catfish. When worlds collide…I become IronFish. I am so in IronFish mode right now it’s not funny. Sure, why not just spontaneously start canning everything that I can fit into a canning jar and run through a water bath? Do I even -like- mulling spices? How should I know?

Crisis cooking mode in full swing, I made tomato sauce out of last spring’s sauce base. This isn’t a recipe so much as a method-but this is HK and we’re used to my ‘this isn’t an actual recipe, per se’ method of cooking.

I took a pint of sauce base, and added it to a pot with one of the cans of ‘tomato sauce’. Not the stuff that comes in glass jars, they come in half sized cans and cost less than $.50. The product is closer to really thin ketchup. This isn’t a pivotal step but I had one in the fridge. I threw in a swipe of tomato paste and a couple of tablespoons of Italian seasoning.

I let everything cook down on medium low for about an hour or until the texture of bottled tomato sauce. I tasted it to make sure that it needed neither sugar or acid-it really shouldn’t need a hit of acid since the tomatoes had to be canned with it.

IronFish swimming my way out.


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