Rotel Type Tomatoes


My sister’s wedding is tomorrow (today? The 19th). I’ve been stress cooking up a storm, to the point where I’ve been getting moody on the days where I need to run errands instead of spending some time in the kitchen. I know I need to get other things done, but I really need my happy bubble of not thinking about anything.

I’ve said it a few times this season that I’ve been trying to get a base of staples built up-Mid eats dilly beans like they’re going extinct and I’m comfort eating applesauce. I do however get bored with canning the same projects over and over. Halfway to salsa and useful in chili, I decided to go with rotel style tomatoes instead of crushed for this batch.

I added a little salt, a little cayenne, and a little garlic just to add some flavor. I don’t necessarily like the flavor of jalapenos, but Target had them and I didn’t want to stop at the grocery store just for another type of pepper. A tablespoon of salt is a fair amount of salt, and I don’t normally salt my food at all, but this recipe is written for a full quart of product and a tablespoon across two pint jars isn’t terrible, plus it’ll help combat the acid a little. I will probably cut back on the next batch, though.

The recipe itself is simple, and I used the version in Food in Jars. I’m not sure if she has a variation on her blog, but I do recommend getting a hold of the book if possible.




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