Tomato Butter, Version 2

tomato butter version 2

We have one farmer’s market within a ten minute drive that I do enjoy greatly but don’t get to with any frequency (because it requires Mid-or someone- to take me). But going does make me really happy, and it has the best prices for the area outside of Aldis or the discount grocers.

I have to keep reminding myself that while we’re still off of harvest season for much of anything other than garlic scapes, a lot of the growers around here have greenhouses and we’re getting rapidly closer to full growing season. So there’s starting to be stuff in the market that’s labeled with ‘local’ or ‘grown in x y or z’.

I picked up some tomatoes the last trip, and make a batch of rotel style crushed tomatoes that went through my canner. I am, however, interested in getting my tomato butter recipe perfected-I liked the first batch and the aching sweetness cut down a little with some time (or the rest of the flavors melded enough to balance it). After running my first batch of tomatoes in the canner I decided to work on my butter instead of canning more crushed or freezing them.

I used more traditional tomato herbs instead of ketchup herbs, and cut the sugar in half. I also threw in some molasses to get a richer taste with a lower sugar hit. I also used lemon juice for a more assertive acid cut. I used a teaspoon each cayenne, thyme, and rosemary, a little fresh (like, five leaves or so) oregano, and a quarter cup of sugar. I used maybe two tablespoons each lemon juice and molasses-not blackstrap, just normal.

My only concern for this batch is that it never really turned into butter, it just cooked down to what looked like really thick tomato sauce. It did hold its shape, however. And it really, really smelled like tomato sauce. This might be the wrong flavor profile for tomato butter.

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