Success [Simple Applesauce Layered Cake]


I have finally managed to do something that has always bothered me to anger that I couldn’t accomplish.

I have finally made a layered cake that didn’t fall to pieces. Sure it’s lumpy and my frosting skills are sub par (and I ran out of frosting) but I have finally -made- a successful layered cake.

All of this wedding stuff means that there’s stuff in this apartment that I almost never have, one of them being white cake mix. I also have a zoo of half or less filled canning jars in the fridge from the ends of batches of the stress canning I’ve been doing. I combined two of these things, a cake mix and applesauce, to clear out jars and use up mixes that would just sit there otherwise.

Simple Applesauce Layered Cake

1 white cake mix

2 round cake pans

1 1/2 cups water

about a pint’s worth of applesauce

3 eggs

Optional: pumpkin or cake spice

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix cake mix, fruit, water and eggs.

Pour into pans, and bake for 34-36 minutes.

Let cool, remove from pans and frost with frosting of choice.


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