Cooking By the Books-Peaches in Tea Syrup



Now that the wedding is over I’ll go back to the normal balance of horror and food but right now my free time is spent canning.

I don’t think while I’m canning. Well, confession, I think about Chris Pratt while I’m canning but I don’t think about the more important stuff that slowly drives me insane. So this is mental health maintenance as much as anything.

I adore Saving by the Season, but I’ve never actually cooked from it before. I look at the projects,sometimes use the spice combinations for different projects, and get ideas-but a lot of the recipes that I would use, are in line with the recipes I already use. But the book is very nice to just read and look at.

One of my summer projects this year is to cook more out of my canning cookbooks. There is a recipe in the book for peaches in tea syrup, and with my sister’s wedding, I don’t have a lot of time to cook down jam or similar.

The recipe is pretty straightforward-brewed tea, sugar, citric acid, peaches. I steeped four tea bags in my syrup water, brought the sugar, water, and acid to a boil and blanched my peaches for five minutes. The peaches were hot packed.

The smell was amazing. I hope they end up tasting good, and not bitter. I did notice they foamed up more than normal.


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