BBQ Sauce

bbq sauce

When you invite a canner to a wedding reception/pot luck you need to expect at least one or two jars to show up.

Five showed up. Applesauce, firestarter, dilly beans, relish, and pickled chilis.

Some came home empty. Some came home a quarter or less full. This time of year though I need fridge space and empty jars, so I decided I wanted to make bbq sauce-a project that I enjoy doing but never really hit where I want it to be. It’s going to be like the tomato butter, where I spend all summer aiming for it.

I started with a base of Neely’s BBQ Sauce recipe.

In a Pyrex measuring cup I scraped out the sweet leftovers-applesauce and firestarter. I added a half pint of crushed tomatoes, and added gourmet ketchup until I measured out a full 2 cups of sweet/tomato base.

I added about 3 oz of apple cider vinegar, a cup of water, and a healthy squeeze of honey.

I brought the mix to a boil, turned down the heat and let it reduce down to less than half volume. It took about two hours.

If the firestarter hadn’t been in the mix I would have added more heat-I did add some cayenne and some garlic powder. I eyeballed the mustard.

The sauce sat in my fridge for about a week, until I decided to braise some chicken in it. It was good, but it could have benefited from a deeper flavor profile.


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