Find Me

This movie baffles me a little. I’m not sure what is throwing me off, but there’s something about it that just doesn’t sit right. I think it might be the color choices; the movie is very dark, like photos that came out underexposed.

The opening shot sets up the basic premise-there is something not right with this house. It also makes me wonder what ghosts have against shoes. Eventually, Emily and Tim, newlyweds-because they can’t not be newlyweds, they can’t possibly have been married for years-move into the same house. Emily becomes convinced that the house is haunted, especially after the house starts communicating via writing on mirrors, and Tim reluctantly has to agree after getting all sorts of up close and personal with the spirit.

I have to be honest. That in large part is why this movie falls flat for me. There’s a lot of puzzled reactions and what amounts to shoulder shrugs. If I had done what Tim did with a ghost, it wouldn’t just be a case of ‘please don’t ask me about it.’ I would be loosing it all over the place and taking multiple hot showers. Some of the weirder reactions actually work for me-because this is a movie running off of clichés, the lack of séance clichés was actually refreshing.

So I don’t know. If you really love ghosts and hauntings films, then you might enjoy it. And I’ve certainly seen worse movies. But I feel like this movie could have done a lot better than it did with a script that with some tweaking could have been original and fresh, since there were so many major tropes that the writers did seem to try to avoid.


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