Summer of Ghosts

summer of ghosts

This is going to stand in for my normal mid July housekeeping post. We’re less than a week off of my festival run, where my ability to update will depend on the strength of my signal and if it occurs to me to do so. So next week may be silent, or almost silent, or at least infrequent.

I’m not doing Ghost Month or Retro Month this year. Instead I’m going to be working with ghosts and hauntings all summer, at least until the end of next month. I’m hoping to get a heavy dose of vintage/retro stuff in there. It’s not going to be all horror, all the time-don’t worry about that. But that will be the concentration for awhile. It’s actually easier for me to do longer themes than it is to try to get material together for a single month.

This theme will also overlap with Operation Autumn (more information to come), so it’ll be fun to springboard off of one into the other!


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