July Birth Symbolism


Ruby-Symbolizing luck and protection, as well as a material wealth stone. Also standing for courage and devotion.

Waterlily- The waterlily stands for majesty and love.

Larkspur- The larkspur stands for love, but the type of love that is being expressed changes by the color of the larkspur.

Trees-Apple, Fir, Elm, Cypress-I’ve touched on trees briefly here.

Apple trees stand for rebirth and beauty. Polish folklore has the tree used for divination purposes, especially for those seeking love. The apple is often a death tree in the sense of bringing energy back out of the underworld.

Fir varies by the type of fir, but is another rebirth tree, a wisdom tree, protection, and change.

Elm trees are another death tree (I’m not sure why the death trees show up so frequently in birth symbolism) as well as standing for knowledge and wisdom.

Cypress trees (oh look another death tree) represents immortality and resurrection.

Other folkloric themes to note: The dog days of summer start in the end of July.


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