Oven Drying Herbs


Me being me, I felt like looking up the folkloric uses of oregano while I had it in the oven.

Oregano is a drawing and protection herb-the color that it dries to looks like the green in cash and is used as a money drawing herb. It is also a protection herb, though its use in smudging is less familiar than that of sage (but I prefer the scent of oregano, honestly). You use it to clear negative energies out of a space. It also apparently repels law enforcement-though frankly I wouldn’t bank on it keeping you out of trouble. You need to keep you out of trouble.

I’m trying to keep up on my herbal harvests this year so the plants just don’t get tossed to the side like they did last summer. There’s only so many herbal syrups I can make and use, and dried herbs are much, much easier to handle in canning (they don’t affect the acidity levels of a food).


I have already successfully oven dried peppers and decided that if a very high moisture food like a pepper can handle oven drying, it can’t be that hard to oven dry an herb.

Set your herbs onto a cookie sheet, after washing and drying them. I left the oregano on its stems just for ease of handling. Preheat your oven to no more than 200. Warm would be even better. Place the herbs into the oven, checking every so often. Flip the stems over once or twice.

When the leaves are completely crunchy and not pliable whatsover, pull from the oven (this batch was small and took about an hour). Cool, strip off of the stems, and place in a covered jar.

dried oregano



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