Funeral Macaroni, Revisited



I have already posted this recipe, and probably reblogged it at least once.

…Then my mom informed me that the version on the blog is ‘wrong’ and that’s not how we actually make it.

I’ve been making it the way on here for years now with no issues, so I’ll post her version as an optional addition.

This has been one of my go-to recipes this summer. Luckily we haven’t been having a ton of funerals, I just really like this stuff. That it’s simple and can be made with fairly inexpensive ingredients helps to put it near the top of my lunch food rotation list.


I never used sugar in the original recipe, but I especially don’t when I use the Rotel. Baking the tomatoes for as long as you do in this recipe brings out their natural sugars, and cancels out the acidic bite that home canned tomatoes can have if you use homemade Rotel.

Batch size is not listed because you can literally make it in any sized pan you have- just scale up the pasta, cheese, and milk. Baking time will vary by size of batch-the fastest I’ve ever had it out of the oven is 20 minutes and the longest about an hour and twenty.

You -do not- need to use Velveeta or similar; use whatever you have in the house or feel like putting in your pasta. If you’re comfortable with it, use the Velveeta, otherwise, just find a decent melting cheese.

My mom swears that she puts 1/2 a cup of sugar in her macaroni. I have never put sugar directly into the pasta. I just add sugar and hot sauce at the table.

Funeral Macaroni and Cheese

Shredded cheese-I admit to a bad thing; I just buy whatever is on sale for pre-shredded. I will also shred whatever’s in the cheese drawer.



Optional: 1/2 pint Rotel style tomatoes

Optional: 1/2 cup sugar

Preheat oven to 375

Put macaroni into a pan

Cover dry pasta with tomatoes (if using)

Cover with milk until the pasta is just showing over the top of the milk. Stir in sugar if you’re using it

Cover with cheese

Starting at the 15 minute mark, start checking to see if the pasta has cooked. You can also stir the cheese into the pasta if you want.

When pasta is cooked, remove from oven and let sit five minutes or so before serving.


One comment

  1. this is really similar to the 4 ingredient macaroni and cheese recipe i found for the crockpot. the only real difference (aside from the tomatoes and sugar) is cream cheese isn’t listed here. i think i’m going to have to try this when the weather cools off again.

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