July Preservation


A light month this time around. A week’s worth of vacation and then a week’s worth of heat illness put a damper on things.

*Monthly totals are in total number of jars. Yearly totals are listed in quarts.

Carrot Cake Jam


–different fruits as well as peaches

—-pineapple has been requested

apple pear jam

-apple sauce

-cyser style apples

-banana fridge jam

-dilly beans

-whole and crushed tomatoes

-dill pickles

-spiked oranges

-plum sauce

-pickled hot peppers

-bbq sauce

-apple butter

-peach butter

peach/cherry butter- 1 1/2 pint

-peach pie jam

-cherry jam

low sugar- 1 1/4 pint

honey lemon- 1 1/2 pint

-mint syrup

-preserved mint


-cider molasses

-pickled beets


-sweet pickles

-blackstrap strawberry jam


-strawberry mint syrup and jam

-fruit syrups
lemon mint- 1 pint

-hot sauce

-whole peaches and nectarines

Other projects






Year to Date, Shelf Stable Only:

Spring berry jam  1 1/2 pints

Dilly beans 3 quarts

Pickled peppers 1 quart

Applesauce 3 quarts

Wine apples 1 1/2 quarts

Crushed tomatoes 1 1/2 pints

Rotel 2 quarts

Salsa 1 quart

Lemon syrup 1 pint

Whole peaches/nectarines 1 quart

Relish 1 quart


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