Open Thread-Haunted

summer of ghosts

It is now August.

Lammas, the first harvest, the beginning of Operation Autumn in a couple of weeks, the actual official start to Ghost Month-I don’t like summer or even August to that great of an extent, but it’s a springboard into the stuff that I do love (it’s almost ‘Weenie time!)

I’m watching American Ghost Hunter-and it’s suffering from the same problem that I have with a lot of documentary style/mockumentary style ghost films. They take themselves so seriously that it sucks the air out of everything. ‘Even as a child, watching people talk to God, someone who wasn’t there, I couldn’t understand how adults could take this seriously-and I was 7!!!’ That is not entertaining, it’s arrogance. Worse, it’s boring arrogance. It beats certain shows with their obsession with a personal war on demons, but it’s still not a good time.

I ask this every year and it’s always a fairly quiet entry (that’s fine, no guilt there). What is your relationship with ghosts? Believer, nonbeliever? Just like movies? What are your favorite ghost films or shows? Have a favorite historical haunting? Weirdness in the house?

This is your annual ghost related open thread.



  1. I am definitely a believer in “ghosts” or the spirit form. My favorite “ghost” type movie would have to be The Changeling with George C. Scott. Subtle and scary and sad all rolled into one.

  2. When I was a teenager, i lived in a house where the original owner died in my room. Apparently, he was stuck from moving on and pissed about sharing his space with a teenage girl, so occasionally, he would poltergeist. Nothing super scary. Just something would fly off the dresser when no one was standing next to it. Once i woke up in the morning and my bed (with me in it! ) was pushed across the room. I slept through it though. Anyway. That’s pretty much the extent of my experience with ghosts. I haven’t had anything else like that happen since I moved out when I was 16 and I’m open to believing any logical explanation that doesn’t include ghosts, but i also know what i saw.

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