Operation Autumn: Week 1 Check In



These geese are meaningless, outside of the fact that I like them.

We are just short of a week into Operation Autumn Week 1. So we’re still fairly far away from when most people would consider fall starting, and I haven’t really accomplished any of the formal items on my list.

But plans, oh, plans have been made.

Carnival of Parahorror

Baby the 1967 Impala will be at the Central Terminal (a site already known for its haunted reputation) during the weekend of the 21st. Tickets are only $10, which is affordable (and low for a horror con). I haven’t been to a horror con since Buffalo Screams/Dreams’ first year. I will see that car one way or another.

Joann’s Halloween/Fall Decor

I got a pair of turkey socks, a pair of pumpkin socks, a sign that said something witchy, turkey fabric, and cream/orange printed fabric. My phone was dying so I didn’t grab any photos of the stuff they had out. I don’t think they had all their line out yet, but I did see Peeps, a lot of glitter, and a fair amount of Thanksgiving/generic fall decorations if Halloween isn’t really your speed.

Frightmare Farms/Ghost Train

We will be headed back to Utica (or at least I will be) in mid to late October. If Mid can come with me, we’re planning on hitting either Frightmare Farms or the Ghost Train.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I still haven’t found out when the release date is this year for the PSLs, but I haven’t been since early last week to ask either. I have been searching fairly regularly but I’m still just pulling up the articles for last year’s early release.





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