Honey and Nut Wraps

Banana Bunch

I have earned enough from -the apps that shall not be named for fear of angering the WordPress gods- that I decided to do some groceries at Target.

Target doesn’t have the best prices but they have decent sales if you’re patient and hey, with gift cards it’s free, so why not.

While I was there I saw bananas and granola,which triggered a plan in the back of my head when I remembered the wraps at home.

I will admit that this is not an original idea-I used to buy these wraps when I was at UB after shifts at the coffee bar. But they’re surprisingly filling, adjustable (not a nut butter person? Use sun butter. Or even cream cheese), and satisfy a sweet tooth. They make a good sized breakfast, but I actually normally eat them for lunch.

Honey and Nut Wraps

Soft tortillas/wraps

nut/sun butter or cream cheese

honey or jam

fruit-normally berries or bananas (or both)

granola, of choice


Starting with a wrap for a base, spread a layer of peanut butter or cream cheese.

Top with jam or honey.

Cover with a good sized handful of granola.

Top with sliced fruit (fresh, not pie filling or similar).


Fold sides in, and starting from long side wrap tightly. Can be wrapped in plastic or sandwich cloth and refrigerated for later.


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