The Oils You Know


Every so often my Facebook life (all of it) explodes with the discovery of Lush…and then the inevitable search for something better.

This is a cycle, it’s happened four or five times over the last few years.

Oils are my thing, and to a point, body products (scrubs, mostly).

Here’s my handy guide to the brands I fall back on most frequently-all what I consider ‘true’ indie, as in, there’s no convenient mall store front.

*I believe all indies on this list are using all natural oils, but I can’t verify that for all companies so I’m leaving that off. I also believe they’re all vegan, but I’m only mentioning that on the brands that I’m certain are. Check with the company. BPAL is all natural but can’t say that because of a prototype line that never actually was sold that used synthetics. All oils offered currently however are all natural, to the best of my knowledge.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

My first and longest, truest love. Large catalouge, frequent LEs. Probably the largest of the brands on this list, other than maybe Arcana. Primarily oils but the Trading Post offers t shirts, candles, and some body care products. Mostly (if not entirely) vegan.

Haus of Gloi

Heavier on the body care. Vegan. Small batch. Updates move fast.

Paintbox Soapworks

I believe still on Etsy as well. All your scrubs will belong to me. Seasonal offerings. Body care products.


Via retailers; link lists sites that stock it. One of the heavy hitters in indie body care, along with oils.


Oils, body care-and corsets.

Violette Market

Known for their ‘foodie’ style LEs and seasonals.

Deep Midnight

I’m in love with the Halloween/fall seasonals. Sample sets available.


All the beautiful resins.


Slightly more horror/goth tinged. Solid foodies.


Possets offers some of the very rare florals that actually work with my skin chemistry.

Conjure Oils

Heavier on the esoteric influences. Love the vanillas.


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