Tattered Lace



tea-stained bourbon vanilla, with white cognac, coconut bark, Oman frankincense, and woodmoss over opium tar-stained silk.

.I am starting to not so slowly get back into my end of year beauty routine. I only wear cosmetics Autumn-late Spring, I haven’t wanted to wear oils when it’s terribly sticky.

I have been on hormones for over a year, and while it’s a TMI it’s actually relevant to my oil collection. Any shift in biochemistry is going to impact how your oils smell on you. So while I’m waiting for the ‘Weenie update, I’m starting to retest my imp collection knowing that I have no idea what does and does not work on me anymore.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Tattered Lace (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) tester that I had, the last time that I tested it. But I pulled it out anyway and decided to give it a try, because of this chemistry shift.

The initial blast on me was something sharp and almost nasty, like what white musk sometimes does on me. But as I was digging through my closet looking for something I kept getting a whiff of something very nice, like spiced vanilla and resins-it smelled a lot like one of the oils out of the Carnival line does on me, actually.

Something has happened to this tester. Tattered Lace is pretty awesome on me now, and I don’t know if it’s the fact that the oil is now pushing 4 years old and has aged into something wonderful or if it’s my meds. At first I get a solid hit of the vanilla. Underneath there’s the oakmoss and something woody, which I’m guessing is the bark. The opium hangs out in the back, giving it not-spice to ground it out. The sillage, though, is all spice all the time which might be the resin interacting with the wine, I’m not sure. It’s lovely though, but maybe still not a oil I’m going to wish I had more of since I have other oils with a similar feel that I like better.


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