Beauty Babble-Return to the Madness Edition

I haven’t written one of these in months because with the exception of my sister’s wedding in June, I haven’t been wearing anything.

Let the madness return! I have said in this column that I wear cosmetics to help ground me, and I’ve been flapping around lately so I pulled out the boxes. I’m still not wearing foundation (nothing like having your face melt off) but bring on the eyeshadow.


Blue/Red Duochrome (Wet and Wild, Comfort Zone palette)

This duochrome is pretty infamous online, and now having worn it, I can see why. It’s pretty amazing. I love the color even in this terrible, dusk phone photo-it only gets better in real life. Even with a sloppy, couldn’t be bothered to blend out the edges application this shit’s amazing. This will probably end up one of my favorite ‘dark but not as nasty dark as black’ shadows.

I have an weird relationship with my actual palette. I found it while I was cleaning last month, brand new, in a Walgreen’s bag with a balm stick. I have absolutely memory of buying it. I’m glad I found it because I had every intention of buying it this fall.

first class

Rimmel 710-First Class

I found this in the clearance bin at Target for like $1. I know you’re not supposed to buy cosmetics on clearance, so sketchy, but I like to live dangerously (and it’s not that hard to detox lipstick if necessary).

I…kind of love the washed out lip look on me, so much more than I ever would have thought. I would never had tried it at full price, but it’s like the corpsey-cousin to Airy Fairy, which is one of my go-to lipsticks when I want color but don’t want to scream ‘I’m wearing lip product’. Yes I’m wearing it with my sort of retro 80s kind of hair and black eyeshadow. This is how I roll.

It’s also a selfie grade filtered photo but the color’s actually pretty accurate with the filter and I wasn’t expecting to drag this column back from the dead this week.


One comment

  1. I’ve been super happy with every Rimmel product I’ve tried, so discount bin away! I especially like the waterproof, smudge free eyeshadow crayons; I get the black ones and use ’em as eyeliner, much easier for me than liquid or even felt tipped (and plain pencils smudge away to oblivion off my eyelids almost immediately, even with primer usage).

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