Operation Autumn Week 2


Still not much headway into the list, but it’s still only mid-August.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I asked at Starbucks earlier this week and all I could figure out was ‘the next few weeks.’ Well yes, they’re always out by Labor Day, so that much was obvious. I don’t know if the barrista didn’t know or if there’s something odd going on with planning again this year.

They (Starbucks) did announce that there’s going to be actual pumpkin in the lattes this year. Call my cynical but now I’m waiting for the flood of ‘this doesn’t taste like normal’ complaints. I’ve always taken the stance that ‘pumpkin spice’ is a separate entity from actual pumpkin and therefore didn’t care/rolled my eyes at the Foodbabe melt down of 2014.

Seasonal Displays

Tops and the dollar store are both putting out their Halloween/autumn stuff. There’s a wreath I want at Tops and the dollar store has some signs I want with turkeys on. I might see how much stuff I pick up at the dollar store before I go for that wreath (my Facebook also exploded over the Tops display, stating it’s much too early. I don’t feel like it’s any earlier than normal).

dollarstoreM.R. James

One item I can cross off the list-I’ve started reading my way through M.R. James’ ghost stories. Sometimes you have to go back to the masters.


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