The Lady Mab

myth and meme month

I promised you more fae stuff.

The Lady Mab is an interesting case because she is slowly regaining (or gaining, potentially) popularity. I don’t remember ever running into anyone working with her, but I have encountered at least four people interacting with her in the last two months. It’s not a huge jump, but it’s a name that’s starting to get spoken of.

It is also interesting because she may be a completely fabricated figure. She may not actually have a direct line back into ‘true’ folklore, in that while she is cited as the Queen of the Faeries (which is an actual folkloric figure), she is named by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet but there have been suggestions made that he was playing off of word origins and meanings to create her name, not pulling from existing folklore. Mab, however, began to be used throughout other English works after Shakespeare until she became a fully fleshed folkloric and pop cultural figure, going so far as to be incorporated into certain tellings of Arthurian legend.

At some point it becomes questionable if it matters where the image comes from, if it slowly becomes ingrained.

There is a possibility however that Mab has become the stand-in for -all- Queens of Faerie, with the name being a convenient shorthand to access that type of energy. There are ballads and other folkloric records naming the last queen Oona, so there is an established history of naming a particular individual to that role. The descriptions of the Faerie Queen, which frankly give the whole thing a certain Daisy Fay Buchanan feel for me, give the impression of a woman/entity who is beautiful enough to know the power of it and not really enough empathy to care. This is a creature with her own motives. Mab/the Queen is also in charge of the presentation of the Seven Year’s Sacrifice, the blood sacrifice that keeps the fae out of hell.

There have been suggestions made (only briefly, via Wikipedia, though I don’t know enough about Dianic derived Wicca to say anything in either direction) that Mab/the Faerie Queen’s re-emergence is a development out of teachings from Charles Godfrey Leland and Morgan McFarland. My experiences have found that people working with Mab have also made her a leader of the Wild Hunt, and using a more aggressive energy with her than may be first apparent. She is not necessarily a war or ‘dark’ energy, but practices invoking her seem to pull from a more gray area than a light one.


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