Fun Size Horror: Volume 1

Themed anthologies are one of the big things in horror right now, and I can honestly say that I can give them a better endorsement than I can give found footage.

Last fall there was a project announced across several of the major (trust me, I’m not a major) horror review blogs where different film makers released a short somehow relating to horror or Halloween (or in some cases both) to be posted between October 27th and Halloween. There were 31 of these shorts released all together.

The project was called Fun Sized Horror, and the shorts were eventually collected into a single anthology film. There is rarely a connecting them between them (other than the overarching horror/Halloween theme) and subject ranges from a particularly violent reality show, the monster under the bed, to a particularly bizarre birthday party. There are a few cases where the shorts feel a lot like other shorts in other anthologies such as the ABCs of Death and V/H/S. However, these shorts are much, much shorter (sort of the film equivilent of flash fiction) and I almost think that this is a benefit to the advantage of some of the producers. The hit comes much faster and the absurdity is kept to an effective minimum.

This was actually an enjoyable collection and with the combined release being titled ‘Volume 1’ I am hoping that there will be future collections released in the series (which is more than I can say for V/H/S).


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