Checking In


I use a bribe system to get myself to exercise. I’m not a fitness person; I do not enjoy exercising. I don’t get the exercise high and it hurts my joints. But I know that my anxiety and over all mental health is better when I do it, and my back doesn’t hurt as much (decade old back injury here-but it’s keeping my back loose that’s the bigger issue than weight loss. It hurts regardless of what weight I’m at).

I’ve bribed myself down 15 pounds and counting. It’s a weird sensation. I’m just toeing the line of ‘do I make a weight goal for myself?’ I have a weird history with stuff like this. I might just keep up the bribing and see where the Universe takes me.


It’s charity knitting time. I might actually finish something this time. I’ve been knitting pretty consistently, or spinning, all summer, but I have a horrible case of startitis-I don’t seem to actually want to finish anything. I get about halfway through and am content with that.

But we’re running a blanket drive to end in the beginning of November, so I sort of have to have something off of the needles by then. I’m just using the 10 stitch blanket pattern-it’s insanely simple but that’s the appeal of the thing right now. I like being able to do my stuff and work the pattern. The fact that it’s a brainless travel pattern helps too.

The weather is starting to cooperate too. We’re having a very bizarre September. The beginning of the month was blazing, horribly hot-toeing 100 degrees F. That’s weird. I don’t think it hit 55 degrees F on Sunday. That’s weird too. I think we’re going to even out to a warmer than normal month, but it’s not going to be a consistent heat.


September is normally Harvest Month, where I cook and post a lot of produce heavy recipes to use up what’s coming from the growing regions. And I -am- actually cooking. But I’m working through a rotation of favorites, so while there’s a lot of stuff coming out of my kitchen, none of it is really blog worthy unless I post a ton of revisits and reposts.


We’ve been actually doing something every week, or every two weeks,  and it feels good. Mid is getting a ton of overtime so we’ve been able to relax at least slightly and we’ve been taking cautiously taking advantage of the income to do things we normally wouldn’t. We went to Carnival of Parahorror at the Central Terminal, and I actually just got back from Queen City Conquest. Conquest is my new favorite gaming convention; the crowd is older than most of the gaming cons I’ve been to so I don’t feel like I’m standing out.


Expect a photo dump soon. Just feeling a little too overloaded right now to mess around with the downloading/uploading.


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