Operation Autumn Check In

This year was limping along…and this week happened.

Well, Sunday happened…and everything happened at once.

  1. Door Wreath
    More like a door leaf, but you get the general idea.
  2. Go to a Corn Maze
  3. Haunted History Witch Walk
  4. Go to a bonfire
  5. Bake an apple pie
  6. Bake a pumpkin pie
  7. Go to a fiber festival
  8. Read M.R. James
    Will read more, however
  9. Go to the Festival of Trees
  10. go apple picking
    Okay. The beginning of the ‘cross all the things off of the list’ day.
    Holly came to town from Austin, and I had a memory I shared on Facebook that said something to the effect of I want to go to a pumpkin farm. So she said that the Sunday that she was in town, we were going to go to Becker Farms-who has a pumpkin patch as well as being a working pumpkin farm.So if you were to be at Becker Farms this weekend, I was the oddly (for me, not necessarily oddly as in I think it’s weird) modestly dressed woman in the head wrap and the maxi skirt dancing around apple trees. I ended up picking a single bag of Empire apples, but I also know me and know that’s about the speed I could actually use before they turned.
  11. Go to a pumpkin farm
    See also: Becker Farmsgourds
  12. Go to a haunted house
  13. Roast a turkey
  14. Roast a ham
  15. Make apple jam
  16. Make apple sauce
  17. Hold a haunted tea
  18. Make pumpkin butter
  19. Hold a chili night
  20. Go to Buffalo Screams
  21. Go to crafting weekend
  22. Hold a Misgiving’s Day Party
  23. Hold Mabon
  24. Go to Van Horn’s halloween event
  25. Go to Iron Island
  26. Have a Starbuck’s pumpkin latte
    Two or three times over, but I’m actually more into Tim Horton’s version of pumpkin spice this year
  27. Go to Forest Lawn
  28. Go the farmer’s market halloween party
  29. Go to Oktoberfest
  30. Hold a Hammer Films marathon
  31. See what Target has out for Halloween
    This one was an accident. The night of the blood moon we went to Target for I don’t know, chocolate or something. At which point I lost my boyfriend. I didn’t think to look in the holiday stuff because he never goes into the Halloween section. It turns out that he really loves Target’s Halloween stuff this year, which may or may not make Christmas shopping easier this year.
  32. Go to a pumpkin festival
    Becker Farms, again…pumpkinsbeckerfarms
  33. Make fudge
  34. Donate to a food drive
  35. Hold a community thanksgiving
  36. Watch Thankskilling
  37. Hold/attend Samhain
  38. Have a bread baking day
  39. Make my Christmas shopping list
  40. Write my 2015 gratitude list
  41. Start my Christmas cards
  42. Decorate my plant
  43. Go to the haunted zoo
  44. Go to the park
  45. Got to Letchworth
  46. Go to the Chattaqua Institution
  47. Go to Lily Dale
  48. Go to the USS The Sullivans
    This one was an accident, or at least, not planned. But we were there. We talked about ghosts.
  49. Watch The Gravedancers
  50. Ride the haunted train
  51. Go to the Farmer’s Museum
  52. Carve a pumpkin
  53. Make leaf crafts
  54. Drink pumpkin beer 

    I can’t remember which one. But it happened.


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