2015 Fall Viewing (So Far)

Via Pixabay

Via Pixabay

American Horror Story: Hotel

You knew you were going to get at least a passing review. I will respond to the violence criticisms with this: genre placement matters. Hello bonfires, children, the Red Wedding, what goes on north of the Wall…and pretty much the entirety of Sons of Anarchy. I am not defending the violence so much as wondering if part of the issue here is that it’s carrying the horror label. Because between Game of Thrones and SoA, I’m assuming that people who complain that this is the most violent season of television ever, they haven’t seen either. I’ve seen some comments that I’m not sure I can get behind regarding the ‘realism’ of it all; to me, SoA could actually happen. Gaga’s frolicking around, not so much.

Beyond that, I’m enjoying it. I like this season, it’s a solid season…but Coven still holds my heart as my favorite season. This is a very 1980s, slasher horror season. I’m loving the running mentions to hotel horror, and I love Evan Peters character (and how adult he is; my gods, he finally looks like a grown up this season). My love of Gaga has been confirmed-I was pretty much convinced I was going to like her going in, but I also wanted to make sure that she could carry it before making a decision.

It was disconcerting to realize that I recognized everyone featured in Devil’s Night. Because while I’m heavily interested in cultural history, I’m not interested in that aspect of cultural history. I think I probably have a post in me comparing the dark mother here versus the dark mother in Coven. And yes, I miss Lang. But honestly? It’s an enjoyable season, I will be the odd reviewer that was expecting -so much more violence- from the Internet land meltdowns, but I’m not head over heels with this one, though I certainly like it more than Freak Show.

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead

I’ve been pretty open about my dislike of traditional zombie fiction. But I’ve always liked the Evil Dead franchise. So this show was a given.

This is another one with a lot of throw backs visually to 1970s and 1980s horror (they’re trying to continue the franchise, it makes sense). The effects are goofy and over the top, in a way that actually works here.

I actually like the zombies in this one. They’re actually…creepy in a silly, this shouldn’t work but does way.

Mid calls shows like this beer and popcorn entertainment. You don’t watch it for its depth. But it’s fun.

“The second first thing I need to do…is cardio…”


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