I don’t want to set up a theme for this month.

I have a love/hate relationship with themes. I love them in theory, it gives me something to work off of (especially for times like now, when I have no idea what to do and end up not doing anything). But I also tend to then get stuck and not do anything.

The idea of ‘past’ keeps coming up for me this week. That’s one of those statements that tends to end up scarily close to melodrama, but it’s true. The Edmund Fitzgerald went down 40 years ago yesterday. People have started uneasily talking about past storms because we’ve made it to snow season whether we want to admit it or not.

My readership base has shifted over the past few years, so I’m going to go through and repost seasonally appropriate posts and recipes-things that I still like, but haven’t seen the light of day in forever. And I’ll try to get new projects up on the site as well. Maybe this will help get me out of the noodle rut I’ve been in.


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