Honeyed Cranberries


Second memory-I’ve been thinking about starting another batch of these berries all day. And a batch of fermented garlic honey. Not the same batch.

Fermented foods are getting their time in the sun.
This happens every so often.
What I may say may just change your mind on fermented food if your only exposure is half sour pickles and kimchi: fermentation can be sweet.
And insanely, incredibly simple.

I love honey ferments. They’re fast, adjustable, and tasty. I use them in place of jam, in tea…straight off a spoon. ..

*There’s no photo because I used buckwheat honey and well…the jar is effectively black. Not exactly photo quality.

Honeyed Cranberries
1 bag fresh, whole cranberries
1-2 jars honey, raw, larger jars need less jars
1 pint jar with lid, or equivalent glass jar with lid

Fill your clean jar with whole, healthy looking berries
Slowly cover with honey until all berries are covered. Let it sit and check, adding more honey as necessary.
Flip over to recoat the top berries with honey every other day or so. There shouldn’t be any issues with gas building up, but burp your jar every so often anyway to be safe.

*I sometimes put my berries in the fridge. It’s not necessary though, I do it more because I’m paranoid and forget to flip them.

The berries may start macerating and releasing juice, making the honey runny. That’s fine.



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