Beauty Babble: Wet and Wild Discons and Sales

There is a frenzy going on within the drugstore cosmetics world-Nouveau Cheap has announced that Wet and Wild has released a [partial] list of Wet and Wild’s 2016 discontinuations.

I’ll get to the partial aspect in a second.

Last week (and I believe this week), Walgreen’s has had WnW for BOGO half off-and this apparently also includes clearanced items.

This is important, because while Nouveau Cheap is saying this clearancing should be a slow ramp up-Walgreen’s already has dumped -a lot- of the WnW stuff onto clearance already. So I went shopping.

wetandwildhaulBecause of this overlapping of sales (the clearance and the BOGO 1/2), I spent $8 on the products shown above.

…You’ll notice the infamous primer in that collection. Which brings me to the partial aspect of that list.

According to Internet rumor, Temptalia, and Reddit, the Fergie line is being phased out -but- the ‘most popular’ items will be repackaged and incorporated into the core WnW line. However, I haven’t seen whether or not it includes the Take On the Day primer (the eye primer that practically the entire Internet, including myself, adores). I would assume that it would, because of how well loved that primer actually is.

But it’s on clearance right now anyway- I want to say it’s roughly $2.60 American right now at our local Walgreens.

[These clearances seem to be common at the Walgreens in Buffalo. I’ve been to several this weekend. I haven’t had a chance to check the other drugstores, but Target and Wegman’s -do not- seem to be clearancing anything, at least right now.]

Panning Project


Since I only really wear cosmetics in the winter, and it’s now effectively winter in Buffalo (…listen, it is, we’re just waiting for it to hit at this point), I can start up this project again. Some of the pieces I admittedly have to track down again-I’m looking at that palette-but I can do a small update.

-I’m back to using the Pond’s BB as my main BB. I had been using Tarte’s BB all summer, and I feel like I can comment on that one now: the criticisms that it’s on the dark end of light are true. However, in the summer, so am I, so it’s actually a really good fit for me when I’ve been in the sun. It is starting to look too dark on me again though, so I’ve switched back over to the Pond’s.

I believe that I commented last spring that the smell was a little off putting, but I found myself thinking that I missed the smell yesterday so it must not be that offensive.

-Take on the Day Primer-I actually got rid of that tube. For some reason, it started separating on me and the texture really changed. But. I spent roughly $5 for the first tube, and I have at least two tubes now because of the Walgreen’s sales, so I’m not all that upset-I did get at least 6 months out of it and I have no idea if it was just a one off problem (I’ve not seen anyone else talk about this problem).


Keep in mind I haven’t been taking review shots, so yeah. Filters.

And Mid likes his epic hats, and I like to steal the hats for photos.

My ‘weird’ purchase lately has been my discovery of black lipstick. I went as a ‘dark’ faerie for Halloween this year (not pictured, my awesome bone wings) and picked up one of the Fantasy Makers black lipsticks when I found a coupon for WnW products. It’s…about as bad as you would think. It’s splotchy and hard to work with but as a proof of idea…I sort of fell in love with it. I ended up upgrading to the Fergie Pagan Angel-that whole ‘we’re phasing out Fergie products’ thing. I think I spent $.80 on it after the sales?

…I also apparently own a gold. No idea why.


[The fact that I’m 30 and only now learning how to apply eye liner is why this blog tends to talk about trends and products more than tutorials. Better late than never.]


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