MYO Body Scrub

Fourth memory-Today is an odd day. My week has involved things like police reports, and today is the one year anniversary of Snovember or Knife or whatever you want to call the giant storm that hit Buffalo last year. It’s 65 degrees F out right now.

However, Christmas/Yule/Winter holiday of choice is coming up, and body scrubs make awesome gifts.

MYO Scented Body Scrub

I love body scrubs.

And with winter coming, my skin sorts of demands them.

I love the ones that smell like things. I’m totally that person that needs my world to smell good. If you can get away with just bare bones, basic body products, rock it.

I need my world to smell like oranges and Erebus.

…There actually is a perfume called Erebus.

I am being completely overrun with imps and decants-some of which I like the smell of, but I wear and think, oh, this would be better as a bath product.

imps and decants

…When two worlds collide!

MYO Body Scrub

*Make sure to use separate bowls, cups, spoons etc when mixing a batch or be willing to take rubbing alcohol wipes to your cutting board before you wash it. Not that I would know or anything. If you use food safe oils then don’t worry about this step.

Sugar or salt. Cheap stuff. Don’t waste good sugar on this, go to the dollar store.

Coffee grounds, dry-but used is okay, as long as they’re fully dry (optional, I don’t always use them)

Skin happy oil-olive, coconut, sweet almond, whatever you can get your hands on

About a sample’s worth of perfume oil (or an imp or decant). More oil if you like a heavier scented product. An imp will hold about two pipette’s worth of oil, for reference.

1 reasonably water proof glass jar with a lid, like a small canning jar

Pick out your final container, and into that container pack your -dry- sugar/salt/coffee. If it fits dry, it’ll fit wet.

Dump the contents into a bowl or cup, then slowly start drizzling in the unscented oil. Mix until -just- damp, them mix in your perfumed oil. If the scrub is still not wet enough to your tastes, add more unscented oil until it is, keeping in mind that you’re going to probably have to wipe it off the bottom of your tub.

When the scrub has the consistency you like, pack it back into your jar.

****This will make your tub slippery. More oil=more slippery. Make sure to be careful getting in and out of your shower. Wipe out the bottom of your tub.***



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