Jose Prendes

420 Pages

Accessed as an Ebook

4.99 at the time of review

I have to be completely honest with you, I have no idea why I have a copy of Sharcano, and I really wasn’t expecting much.

I’m not necessarily cheating with my 52 in 52 Challenge, but I might be picking books that are easy reads on the bus. When I found Sharcano I couldn’t really figure out why I have have it (I have a massive shark phobia, for one) and it’s not really a genre I read frequently. I’m not a monster or a natural disaster girl.

To get the main weakness of the novel addressed up front: if you’re the type of person who needs a tight writing style you’re not going to into this novel. This book reads more like the way that my coworkers and I talk to each other than a book, it feels like a conversation with a lot of very casual narration. However, Prendes is capable of presenting a story that’s surreal and paced fast enough to overcome the slightly unconventional story telling technique.

And the story really is surreal-sharks, volcanoes, mythical beings…the narrative is actually goofball enough to be entertaining while being just grounded enough to be so unbelievable as to not be readable (the fact the characters are consistently stopping and asking, wait, what? helps; I don’t know if I could handle this book if everyone were wandering around saying, ok, I’m completely on board with this). It’s hard to describe this novel without giving away too much of a plot twist that I honestly didn’t see coming. Other readers may have seen it coming, but I have to admit I didn’t.

It is 2014 and volcanoes are erupting out of nowhere-volcanoes that have been quiet for thousands of years. People are dying and no one knows why-and there are reports that people are being eaten. But by what? And why is the Vatican so interested?

Not a traditional monster novel, or a disaster novel, or an end of the world novel, the book is actually highly enjoyable. There are a few aspects that read like plot holes, but Sharcano is the first in the trilogy so hopefully they are addressed in the rest of the series.



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