Beauty Babble-Packing for the Truly Minimal

profusion palette 2015

Trying this again since the first time I tried to post this it tried to post it for four days ago…

This is my favorite time of year for cosmetics. Like, I wait all fall for the Profusion palettes to show up at Walgreens.

I love the colors that come out-Wet and Wild’s Here’s to the Wild Ones? I’ve bought three of those lipsticks, and I almost never buy multiples of a LE line. I don’t even do that with my oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I love, love, love dark lips-especially cranberries and wines.

But I really can’t resist ultra cheap cosmetics. The $1 Profusion palettes are actually normally pretty good-I’ve had maybe 10 of the total and only had to ditch one for lack of pigmentation. They’re not going to be heavily pigmented…but. If you’re just finding my blog, here’s the thing: I veil full time. I haven’t shown my hair in public during the day in close to two years. So between my hoard of dark lip colors and the already heavy visual of the top half of my head, I’m perfectly fine with a lower pigmented eye-especially for work. In other words, a lower color pay off is a lot less of an issue for me than it is for a lot of people (and honestly, most of these really cheap palettes are fine-not amazing but fine-to begin with).


Just so you get an idea of what I mean when I say I already have a lot of color near my eyes. The photo is filtered but I’m also fairly certain I’m barefaced in it.

I’m going home after Thanksgiving. I’ve not had a trip home on a major holiday in eight years.

I’m only going overnight, taking an Amtrak. So I’m dealing with two things: a lack of time and a lack of space.

I go truly minimal for trips like this.

-A bb cream or lightweight foundation. Just enough to make it look like I haven’t been on a train for four hours.

-A light highlighting blush. I  like Maybelline’s Master Class.

-A neutral heavy palette. I like to use one that also has a couple of pinks or oranges for options.

-Brown eyeliner and mascara,  for my coloring it’s more forgiving than black.

-A ‘my lips but better’ lipstick-right now I like Rimmel’s Kate Moss 08, the black tube one.

-For cleansing I’ll throw in a pack of wipes. I’ll also throw in a fluffy brush.

I might add in a red tinted balm and a darker colored smudge pot. But this will give me a decent base to work with and not eat up baggage space.


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