cloud russet

Oh hey look at that.

I knit something. That didn’t include large amounts of garter stitch.

This scarf was knit as a trade piece. When I measured it on the needles, it felt a lot longer than it feels on, so I hope that it’s adequate. I suppose that the person that commissioned it could use it as a Christmas gift if it’s not. It’s more fashion length than true, Buffalo winter length.

I actually really enjoyed this yarn. It’s not alpaca soft or anything, but for 100% acrylic it’s acceptably soft. It’s a Joann’s exclusive, as far as I can tell.

So that would be the primary change if I would do this again: knit it longer. I did buy two balls but when I measured it on needles one ball felt like it would be long enough. That’s what I get.

I enjoyed the pattern. Oddly though I only managed to memorize the pattern at literally the last rep. That’s odd for me, I normally memorize patterns a lot faster than this. But that was me, not the pattern.

cloud russet close

Cloud Russet

Yarn: Big Twist Chunky, Cloud (white)

Skeins: 1

Yardage: 195 (almost completely used)

Needles: 10 1/2

Pattern: Russet


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