November Empties and Purchases

I don’t post this twice a week, but I’m going out of town this weekend, and am not sure if I will get it published if I don’t now.

Empties and Purges

I felt like I was in a place mentally where I could purge, so I did.

*Elf palettes-So these were supposed to go, but Mid staged an intervention. My daily eye looks are minimalistic to an extreme and neutral leaning. I have a stack of palettes that I was keeping because they were gifts from him but not being used…and then he realized they were the gifted palettes. They’re currently back in my box and I’m going to make an effort to carry more color around my eyes if I’m keeping them.

Smith’s minted rose lip balm-purged, not getting used. I have piles of lip balms I like better.

Jordana– purged, Lip gloss in gorgeous. I think this is pushing 8 years old and just gets pushed around. Easyliner eyeliner in seagreen. I would actually probably use this one if I didn’t have a feeling it’s also 8 years old.

Maybelline, Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy-purged, not getting used and slowly drying up. I think this pot is 3 years old and it’s not getting any rotation.

Milani, Baked Sand eyeshadow-purged, I never really got into this one.

Ulta lipstick-purged, color 241. I have similar colors in formulas I like better.

Elf-purged, Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick, summer nights-This is close enough to my natural lip tone that it just leaves me with shimmery lips. I’m not really a shimmery lip person.

Wet and Wild-purged, lipstick in Breeze-I have similar colors to this already so it’s getting tossed,  Turn Up the Volume mascara-it left me with panda eyes every time I wore it, Megaeyes defining marker in brown-this was one of those markers that came out of the package bone dry. I would have returned it but I spent $.50 on it.

Old Spice Bearglove-Empty-Mid’s favored body wash. We go through this stuff like water.

Notable Purchases-Favorite Items from this month

Nyx All Over Balm (Argan Oil)

Physician’s Formula Super CC-Light/Medium

pf super cc

Unfiltered and natural light. I actually remembered for once. Only wearing the CC, no other product.

So the photos on the website are a little extreme. I don’t think this stuff is photoshop quality good. But I will say that I’m tempted to go back and get more, hopefully in light instead of light/medium.

It’s a touch darker than I normally wear (it was more obvious in person), but I straddle the line between light/light-medium in every brand so it’s always hit or miss. I also have foundations that are still currently too light while my tan’s fading, so I can layer it with those foundations. I also found that the color evened out a little while I wore it, so after an hour or so it wasn’t as dark. It felt pretty consistently good on the skin as well. The big thing was that it didn’t cling to my dry patches, so I’m going to try it under my foundations.

The big thing for me was this-I wore it on a day when I was ill. I put on a fairly light application at 9 am. I worked until 930 pm, and it wasn’t until 9 pm that someone asked me if I was ill because my color was off. I had noticed that it was fading around 830-but that’s still close to 12 hours for what was barely an application.

Wet and Wild Take on the Day Primer

Testing a theory

My SADD got really bad last winter. Like…self destructively bad. I got into beauty in quasi serious way to set up a self care routine. Now that it’s SADD time again, I went back to a full beauty routine-if you told me at 25 that I would hunting the perfect moisturizer I would have laughed at you.

It does seem to be helping. I’m much better this year than last year. Plus I’ve fallen in love with brick red lipstick. If I have 75 of them, as long as they make me happy, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Lip Purge

…That said, I started my fall lip challenge. I have to admit, it wasn’t much of purge this time around. I only ditched two tubes-but I have more stuff to go through. If I have similar colors in a formula that works better for me, I’m keeping the better ones. Life is too short for dry lips.


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