Cloud Celtique

cloud celtique finished

I have gone back to small scale commissions.

I had a ball of yarn left over from a commission that I took, for another scarf. I had posted a link to the Celtique pattern, and a minor bidding war broke out [the designer allows for small scale sales of this project, so no weirdness there]. This was a fairly fast knit. My only ‘issue’, such as it is, is that I think the yarn may be light bulky weight, because I knit to yardage, knit the full ball and the scarf is still slightly shorter than what I would have liked.

My burn out has actually been driven by boredom-which I didn’t discover until I returned to cabling. I’m happily knitting again as long as I don’t think about the intensity of the pattern (and I’m cabling).

*Because of the commission aspect, I will be listing value at the end of the listing.

cloud celtique

Cloud Celtique

-Pattern by Collete Audry, on Petitboutdemoi

Yarn: Big Twist Chunky, Cloud (white)

Skeins: 1

Yardage: 195 (almost completely used)

Needles: 10 1/2

Pattern: Celtique

FSOT value: $33.48 American


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