Beauty Babble: Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation

rimmel clean finish

Rimmel Clean Finish-True Ivory

I’m breaking two rules here: It’s not Monday and I’m blogging at night, but I don’t want to get to Monday and forget what I was wearing in this photo. I’m blogging at night so don’t expect a really solid product list. It’s 1 AM.

*Camera quality, low natural light [overcast day], but unfiltered.

Mid is -quite- annoyed that I have been spending as much of my Christmas money on household staples as I have been (and even the frivolous stuff has been pretty staple-y-when Target had all beauty section on sale this week I bought cleansers and mascara). So I stopped in the beauty section during a rare Walmart run.

I have a list of DS foundation color matches from on my phone, so I decided, hey why not, I’ll pick up a new foundation.

One of the first major strengths of this foundation is that it’s so incredibly cheap. I think my bottle was under $4-which even for my tightest budgets means it’s not a risk. At all.

However, that’s about the most energy I can put into a review. This is the most neutral I’ve been on a beauty product I’ve been in a long time. And that list includes my pencil sharpener.

The fact the bottle comes with a spatula will make the bottle worth it in the end (I’ll keep the cap for other bottles). True ivory is about a quarter shade too dark and it leans yellow on me, but powder helps with both. Ideally I want to find foundation I don’t need to powder. The coverage is good. It pills a little on my nose but all of the stuff I’ve tried other than the Physician’s Formula in my collection does.

Beyond that…reviews complain that it’s thick, but it’s not nearly as thick as the Tarte Amazonian Clay that is my HG. Texture on dry down is good, fine. It doesn’t smell. Reviews talk about oxidation, and I suppose it does the tiniest bit-since it does dry down a little dark. But it doesn’t go orange either. Wear is fine, not the longest I’ve worn but it held up. I will say this, it’s the best foundation under florescent lights I’ve worn yet. So no strong feelings in any given direction. I don’t think I would necessarily repurchase, but only because I’m looking for something I really love-but I’m not upset over the loss of $4 and I’ll finish the bottle.

Products-My Standard Work Day Style Face

Ponds style night cream

Rimmel matte bb in light

Rimmel Clean Finish in true ivory

Tarte powder in light

ELF blush-natural? Light pink

Revlon Ultimate Mascara in Blackened Brown

Wet and Wild shadow primer

ELF eyeshadow stick in French Lace

Wet and Wild lip liner, fuschia/plum

Wet and Wild liquid lipstick, color called Throwing Shade




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