Garnet Gingerbread

garnet gingerbread

I really liked working with this yarn. It’s like Woolease, with a much better hand, better drape, and is heavier.

So of course they pulled it off the market. Why actually put out a decent Red Heart yarn? That would be silly.

This is the first Gingerbread project (I have another on needles right now, with some modifications to the pattern). I’m loving cabled scarves right now, and luckily they seem to be popular. This one is a gift, though.

I love the color on this one. I have a tendency to gravitate towards this color anyway, and it’s been a long standing favorite. Most of my lipstick collection is this color, and I have very little ‘true’ red in my wardrobe.

Garnet Gingerbread

Yarn: Red Heart With Wool, Garnet (deep wine style red)

Skeins: 2

Yardage: 288 (less than)

Needles: 8

Pattern: Gingerbread

FSOT value: $46.97 American


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