Beauty Babble-Rotating My Collection

cosmetics basket

I get asked questions sometimes, and it makes me realize as a blogger that the blogging community gets stuck on the big ideas. You know, being the first to review a product [I’m probably never going to be that person. This is a column on a fairly wide ranging blog, and I have no real interest in going further into beauty than I already do] or talking about wide-scope trends.

Not the basic stuff like, ‘how do I make sure I actually wear the stuff that I own’?

Which is a question I was asked last week, and it’s actually a really solid question. I really like testing things-whether it be new oil based perfumes or foundation. I like the process of finding a new product, trying out, seeing how it handles. Then I end up with a good sized (at least for me, my budget, and the amount of space I have to put towards it) collection-and eventually, through new purchases and purging, a collection I’m actually happy using.

And a tendency to want to continually use my favorites, which sometimes means spending more money on a product than necessary because I’m repurchasing a more expensive version of something when I have perfectly usable, functional products that aren’t as pricey/nice/perfect/whatever. This happens with my foundation, mostly, because I’m so generally dissatisfied with drug store foundations but am constantly looking for one that I like well enough to make it my staple DS product.

Long winded lead in for a simple answer: I have a basket that I change out weekly.

In the basket, which lives on my bathroom sink, goes a bb/cc/tinted moisturizer, a powder, a foundation, a palette if it fits, a blush, and a mascara. I also keep a smudge pot or a smudge stick and an eyeliner if it fits.

Every Wednesday (for no good reason, Wednesday just seems to be the day it started happening), I switch out those items from something else in my collection. I rotate out my lipstick daily. Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing what’s in the basket, so over the course of a week new stuff gets thrown in. But on Wednesday it gets cleaned out and restocked with new product in my bins.

It keeps me moving through what I own. It doesn’t keep me from overspending on my collection completely, but it does make me aware enough to give me pause-I have to find a really awesome sale/clearance on blush for me to bring another one home because it’ll probably be two months before I overlap again, if I used a different one every week for the basket, for example.


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