Beauty Babble-Beauty Routine [2015-2016]

In love with the super floof.

In love with the super floof.

The problem with this photo isn’t that it’s filtered (though it is). It’s that I’m actually not really wearing a face in it-I have mascara and a drug store level liquid lipstick (Rimmel Provocalips in Kiss Fatal) on and that’s it.

My overall routine though is much more complicated than last year’s, but I’m also enjoying it a lot more. So it’s a trade off.

-Water. I pretend that I’m hydrated, but I’m not. I am trying to get back in the swing of drinking plain water.

-I start out with a layer of moisturizer. I use Ponds or a Ponds knock off now, I feel like it stands up to my skin better [same as last year]

-After my moisturizer has dried down a little, I use a layer of a bb or tinted moisturizer. I’ll use a medium coverage foundation-applied however I feel like. I have a beauty blender knock off, a brush, and my own hands. I’m honestly not blown away by the blender. Using it is fun, but it’s not necessarily the game changer the Internet says that it is. *Where I do find the bb helpful is around my mouth. I have a slightly different tone around my mouth, and I get the dread foundation-mustache if I’m not careful. I don’t really get it with the bb.

-Sometimes if I’m feeling really fancy I use the Goss method of powder before foundation. A lot of times lately it’s powder after foundation to help even out tone a little, since none of mine are really, truly a satisfactory fit. I think it’s a me thing though, no one else seems to notice.

-Blush applied a little bit to the back of my cheeks with a powder brush or a kabuki. I own two or three blush brushes, but I like the powder brush better. I have no loyalty to any particular blush-color-family.

-I prime my eyelids-either the Monistat I was using last year or Wet and Wild. If I’m using a powder based shadow, then I use an eyeshadow base. If I’m using a smudge pot/stick I skip the base. I have finally fully embraced my love of extremely minimalistic eyes, so it’s normally a shimmery champagne/bronze/copper/rose gold color. If it’s not, then it’s a deliberately really messy smudged eye in dark brown. I sometimes blend color into the outer third of my eyes. Unless I’m wearing a dark lip. Then I just line over a bare eyelid. That’s pretty much the only time I wear eyeliner-and I’m proud to say at 30 I can almost draw a straight line now [I’m all about that honesty in blogging].

-Mascara-honestly I’m in love with Revlon’s Ultimate mascara in the red tube. The spoolie is really weird and I have to move really carefully or it overloads my sparse lashes, but good days are really, really good.

-I use a random lip stick a day. Liner is whichever I grab out of the jar, so I sometimes get odd and interesting colors out of my liner/lipstick combinations.

-I do use facial wipes. Ahem. I know, not frugal or green but I won’t wash off my make up otherwise. I use Cetaphil when I take a shower, and micellar water after the face wipe at night. Right now I’m using Boots, and I like it well enough. And more Ponds at night.

Honestly though that sounds like a long list, but I rarely do a truly full face at any given time. If my foundation is heavy, then my eyes probably are severely minimalistic-and I need the base to make colors read correctly on my skin. If I’m wearing a bold lipstick, then a lot of times I’m in just a bb (or less) and mascara, maybe some eyeliner. I still go to Starbucks in completely bare face sometimes. I don’t remember the last time I wore liner with eyeshadow. A day where I’m spending 20 minutes on my cosmetics is still a long day for me.

And…my brows are completely not on that list. It’s completely against conventional wisdom but I have no interest in touching my brows. I read somewhere that you should never trust a beauty blogger that doesn’t touch her brows. I suppose it’s a good thing then that I’m a horror blogger with a beauty column, and not a beauty blogger who likes horror movies.


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