Beauty Babble-Those Trigger Items


I’ve not tried an open thread for Beauty Babble, so let’s give this a shot.

What’s your trigger item?

What are the items that you will not be able to resist, those things that you know you will purchase with no hesitation?

I will never be able to resist any perfumed product with the word ‘blood orange’ in the description. I am weak around cosmetic clearances, especially if I can justify it as a ‘weird’ purchase or a ‘staple’-so nude lipsticks or mascara, basically. Weird here being outside of my comfort colors. Mascara sales in general are a problem for me, and so are Walgreen and Rite Aid’s deep discount sales. And I have maybe 25 lipsticks that are kinda sort maybe oxblood on my skin tone.

We won’t get into my sudden obsession with DS sized everything and drug store BBs.

So what’s the stuff you’ll always purchase, even if you know you shouldn’t?


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