The Glitchy Vending Machine

This is still one of my favorite legends.

Horrific Knits

myths and memes 2014

I have to tell you, I love this story. LOVE.

Most people like paranormal media for stuff like ghosts, demonic possession, maybe the occasional faerie war making it rain blood in Newfoundland…me? I really like the ‘reality just tilted slightly’ stuff. The weird stuff that on one hand sounds like there should be a reasonable explanation-but on the other hand, what is that explanation?

One of my other favorite stories that I found on Reddit awhile back (I lost track of the link) said something to the effect of “I was peeling eggs. There were 12 eggs. I turned to the garbage, holding one of the dozen eggs-leaving 11 in the bowl. Still holding my egg I turned back to a bowl with 12 eggs.”

(There are more than a few possible explanations to the vending machine. Don’t burst my disbelief-suspending bubble.)

What exactly makes one battered vending machine…

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