Canning Month-Vanilla Spiced Peaches


These peaches are still near the top of my favorite canning projects. Half pint jars seem small but they’re about the right size to pack for lunch.

Vanilla Spiced Peaches

Frozen sliced peaches (either from the store or fresh peaches peeled and sliced)

Cinnamon-I used 1 tablespoon to a batch of 1 quarter
Real (not imitation) vanilla extract-2-3 tablespoons for a quart

Light to medium weight simple syrup

Take your peaches out of the freezer at least 1 hour before canning. They don’t have to be fully defrosted, but they shouldn’t be frozen solid either.

Bring your simple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla to a boil. Let boil at least 5 minutes, then add your peaches (all of them). Bring back to a boil and boil at least five minutes.

Hot pack into prepped jars and process in a water bath for 20 minutes for pints and half pints.


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