The Hodag


I’m not an astrology person but March is working out to be  a weird one, if you were to follow such things. Two eclipses and a sabbat (which one of the eclipses falls on).

Not saying you need to follow such things but hey this is a folklore post.

So this month has been odd and I feel like writing about slightly strange things.

Like the hodag.

The hodag is a smallish, dog sized creature with dinosaur spikes. Originating in Wisconsin, the hodag dates back to the 19th century.

Combining the features of several animals including a frog, elephant, and the aforementioned dinosaur, the hodag was first ‘discovered’ in 1893 by one Eugene Shepard. Shepard led a search for the hodag in Rhinelander Wisconsin which did end with a ‘corpse’.

However Shepard was known for his pranks and ultimately the hodag was outed a a hoax. The cryptid was believed to be real however until a team from the Smithsonian went to Wisconsin to view it,and Shepard had to out himself. Rhinelander took to the hodag, and made the animal its masot regardless of its status as a gaff.


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