Learning to Homestead-Skills Inventory



Homesteading is a lot of work.

It’s not necessarily an all or nothing situation, though. We’re all going to have the places that we’re willing to cut back on, and the places where you’re absolutely not willing (or able) to go in terms of skill development.

I grew up in a household that basically homesteading before the word was trendy. I still can barefoot (and the safety purists scream) because that’s how my dad cans. I was also a Gold Award Girl Scout. I came into my homestead with a solid amount of skills already. As an aside,my class was also the last in my high school to have a formal Home Ec course. So sorry, cranky Internet meme, I -did- know how to balance my checkbook and sew on a button by the time I left school.

This is an exercise that doesn’t necessarily need to be written down, but you should mentally revisit it at least once or twice a year as availability, seasons, and access changes.

You need at least three lists:

  1. The skills you already have and are willing to use-I can do basic hand sewing, I knit, I spin, I water bath can, I can do a fair and passable amount of scratch cooking, I know a fair amount about diy/green cleaning.
  2. The skills that you could learn if pressed, but you’re willing to be flexible and cut corners-I buy my pie crusts, I’ve been buying my bread and pizza doughs lately, I’m not against buying food out of a box on work nights, I like my herb buckets but I have enough of a black thumb that I don’t know where I stand on trying vegetables in buckets (plus my patio is shaded).
  3. The black list-the stuff that just won’t happen-Buffalo doesn’t allow chickens, I don’t have room for a goat, I don’t want to butcher anything, butter’s just as good and cheap if I buy it as when I make it, my ferments won’t.

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